Travel in the Golden Age: Then and Now

Have you ever stopped to think how travel has changed in the last few decades? Not just the technological advancements that allow travellers to complete their journeys in record times, but the travel experience itself – the comfort, the style, the in-flight entertainment, even the accommodations we choose to stay in once we reach our final destination. […]

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The Musts in Malaga

One of the oldest cities in the world, Malaga in Spain is widely regarded as one of the best holiday destinations. Lying on the Costa del Sol of the Mediterranean, it is the southernmost large city in Europe, the second most populated city within Andalucía and the sixth largest in Spain. The vibrant city of […]

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Enjoy Ibiza’s most relaxing areas

Even though Ibiza’s most known facet is the partying one and the nightlife is Ibiza’s most effective hook for tourists, there is a side much more relaxing and tranquil in the island, perfect for those who are looking to relax and enjoy some quiet in their holidays, enjoy the sea and the mediterranean weather. Located […]

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Europe’s Best City Breaks

Mini City of Lights

Isn’t January just awful? Maybe not so much if you’re going on holiday, which will probably lift the strains of this wet, dull month. For those of us who have no holidays in the pipe line maybe it’s time to get looking and booking. Even a short city break to somewhere spectacular could do the […]

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Five Places to Visit in Rijeka, Croatia

Rijeka - Croatia by Flickr CC Jason Rogers

Rijeka, located on the Gulf of Kvarner in the Adriatic, is Croatia’s major port and transportation center. Many tourists simply use the port city as a ferry embarkation point, passing through it to other destinations like Dubrovnik. Rijeka has been coveted by a succession of empires since the ancient Romans, each period leaving its mark […]

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Ideas for a Trip to Bari

Bari Italy by Flickr CC Jason Rogers

Italy is not just about Rome, Venice, Milan, or Florence. Certainly, a trip to the busiest Roman cities in the world can fulfill your bucket list. However, there are those who are prefer the ambiance of the backcountry and a trip to the south of Italy is just as historical and vibrant. Bari is the […]

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