Europe’s Best City Breaks

Mini City of Lights

Isn’t January just awful? Maybe not so much if you’re going on holiday, which will probably lift the strains of this wet, dull month. For those of us who have no holidays in the pipe line maybe it’s time to get looking and booking. Even a short city break to somewhere spectacular could do the […]

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Five Places to Visit in Rijeka, Croatia

Rijeka - Croatia by Flickr CC Jason Rogers

Rijeka, located on the Gulf of Kvarner in the Adriatic, is Croatia’s major port and transportation center. Many tourists simply use the port city as a ferry embarkation point, passing through it to other destinations like Dubrovnik. Rijeka has been coveted by a succession of empires since the ancient Romans, each period leaving its mark […]

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Ideas for a Trip to Bari

Bari Italy by Flickr CC Jason Rogers

Italy is not just about Rome, Venice, Milan, or Florence. Certainly, a trip to the busiest Roman cities in the world can fulfill your bucket list. However, there are those who are prefer the ambiance of the backcountry and a trip to the south of Italy is just as historical and vibrant. Bari is the […]

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Up Close with History in Athens, Greece

Athens Greece by Flickr CC Jirka Matousek

Just as with every trip out of state, let alone out of country, you will always find tons of things to do and places of interest to visit. Whether it is something that you like to do as a personal preference or whether it is considered a popular place to go for the area. This […]

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Five things to do while in Munich

Munich, Germany by Flickr CC Joseph Hunkins

In the heart of Bavaria lies the medieval city of Munich. Of course this city has modernized over the centuries but it remains rich in German culture and is one location you do not want to miss. This wonderful city hosted the 1972 Summer Olympiad and is famous for its annual Oktoberfest celebration. The possibilities […]

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5 Things to Do On a Trip to Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal by Flickr CC Su-May

If you want to travel to an interesting city, then visit Porto, Portugal located near the gorgeous Douro River. Also known as Oporto, it is the second largest city in Portugal with numerous historical sites. This ancient city was established by the Romans during the fourth century before occupation by the Moors. Porto Cathedral Anyone […]

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